Pick out some dates and call us at 716-662-9694.  PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE if I am out fishing….

You should also send an e-mail to mikerauh@thesteelleader.com      Please include the following information:  Your full name, best phone number, dates desired, e-mail, and any other pertinent information.  I will respond as soon as possible to let you know if that day is available.  Once your downpayment is received, the date will be secured for you and your group.  

If your chosen date is not available, and your day is fixed, I have a network of other charter captains who are ready and willing to help to ensure your success. 

Please also print out and bring a copy of our legal release on the day of our charter.  This release must be signed prior to leaving the dock per our insurance regulations.  Steel Leader Guide Services, LLC  appreciates your understanding in this matter! 

Finally, if you are planning on going fishing, please also take time to review the "License & Legal" page at the top.  You will need to have in hand an up-to-date New York State Fishing License.