Captain Rauh serves on the ProStaff, Guide Program, Sponsored by, and/or exclusively uses equipment and product from the following companies:

 Raymarine, FLIR Systems, FishUSA,  YETI,  Diawa Reels,  BigJon Sports,  Traxtech, Yakima Bait,  St. Croix Rods, Betts Tackle and Nets,  Big Fish Tuff Tackle,   Navionics,    UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine,   Land Management Services,  Brilliant Reflective - "Reflect Your Gear",   and SilverRank Marketing. 

These companies have become partners with The Steel Leader due to their commitment to quality products and quality support.  Please take some time to visit their websites, browse their products, and learn why they are leaders in their fields!!  You can also e-mail any questions regarding their products and use to Capt. Mike.  He is always happy to teach and help enable your "inner fisherman".